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With hectic lifestyles, the delayed average age of marriages, high cost of living and insufficient familial support system, people have deferred having children till an advanced age (30-40yrs). By the time they are ready to start a family, they are hit by biological roadblocks (infertility). The reasons for infertility can be with both men and women so numerous tests are conducted followed by years treatment. This long unsuccessful process of trying for a child causes immense sorrow, stress, and pressures, leading to many psychological and relationship issues for today’s couples.

Couples visit doctors for infertility treatment when:
  • The couple fails to have their first child (primary infertility stage).
  • The couple fails to have a child either after the first conception or after one or two deliveries (secondary infertility stage).

Ayurveda deals with this problem from all angles (physical, mental and psychological). When the accumulation of toxins creates an unbalanced state of Doshas (Kapha, Pitta, and Vata) the natural immunity of the body gets impaired. As this state of imbalance adds to any or all other factors like poor nutrition, sluggish digestion, nervous system imbalances, physical / mental stress, and disruption of natural biological rhythms, it causes infertility. Ayurveda has complete chapters on “Rasayana & Vajikarana” meaning “fortifying and aphrodisiac herbs” that help in overcoming this health issue. It aims at resolving biological issues of patient/couple through detoxification, strengthening and healing procedures. Various rasayanas and herbal medications are administered for boosting the immune, digestive, and reproductive systems.

Medical reasons include physical and anatomical defects like: IN MEN
  • Azoospermia.
  • Oligospermia.
  • Asthenozoospermia.
  • Orchitis - Swelling of testes especially in a condition of mumps.
  • Diabetes.
  • Obesity.
  • Endocrine dysfunctions like low levels of testosterone.
  • Varicosity in testicular vessels (varicose veins).
  • Epidydimitis or Prostatitis - inflammation of ducts in testes.
  • Psychological issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and incorrect coital practices.
  • Anatomical defects in the genital & reproductive tracts.
  • Vaginitis or Cervicitis - pelvic inflammatory conditions.
  • Salpingitis - inflammation of the uterus & fallopian tubes.
  • Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome (PCOS).
  • Endocrine dysfunctions like hypothyroidism.
  • Obesity.
  • Mental stress due to familial pressures.
  • Repeated miscarriages.
  • Bad obstetric history (BOH).

Akami Ayurvedic Treatment For Infertility

Our Ayurvedic doctors assess the patients’ history, their body type (Pitta, Vata or Kapha), lifestyle patterns, diet and test results (modern diagnostic tests) to ascertain the root cause of infertility and an appropriate treatment plan. Sometimes, Gynaecologist’s opinions are also sourced.

  • We initiate our treatment program with the administration of simple herbs and internal detoxification therapy of Panchakarma for the couple.
  • Then we move on to a separate set of procedures for men (nourishment-boosting therapy) and women (Uttara Vasti and douche to cleanse and nourish the Genito-Urinary axis).
  • Treatment is supported by ayurvedic medications for the couple to help with stress, anxiety, mental strength.
  • Strict rules for diet and lifestyle are established and monitored.

In this program, we include other aspects of healing as well (meditation sessions, counselling sessions etc.) to boost the confidence and morale of the couples’.

These programs are usually planned for 14 days of in-house stay. For more information or to book an appointment with our doctors, please call us on (+91) 9020162016.