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The strength of AKAMI Ayurveda stems from the years of experience and expertise our esteemed team of doctors possess, and whose proficiency contributes as the most defining factor in propelling our great vessel forward.

Name: Dr G Vinod Kumar, MD(Ay)

Qualification: BAM, MD (Ay), University of Kerala

Experience: 35 years of clinical and teaching experience in Ayurveda College and Private hospital. He has been a guide for Panchakarma PG students for over 2 decades. He has held and continues to hold prestigious positions in various Ayurvedic institutions in India. He has won the Kerala Govt. award for ‘Best Doctor‘ in 2009 for proficiency in Ayurvedic teaching, propagation of Ayurveda and development of Panchakarma department.

Name: Dr T T Krishnakumar, MD(Ay)

Qualification: BAM, MD (Ay), University of Kerala

Experience: 29 years of experience with the Govt of Kerala, in the Department of Indian Systems of Medicine, (ISM), retiring as its State Joint Director. He is currently the Medical Superintendent of Akami Ayurveda, Angamaly.

Name: Dr P K Sujatha, MD (Ay)

Qualification: BAM, MD (Ay), University of Kerala, Trivandrum

Experience: Over 2 decades of clinical and teaching experience in Ayurvedic colleges and private hospitals. Retired as professor in VPSV Ayurveda college, Kottakkal. Specialized in Ayurvedic treatments related to eye and upper respiratory diseases.

Name: Dr M Mrudula, MD (Ay)

Qualification: BAM, MD (Ay), Kerala University of Health Sciences, Kannur

Experience: Trained and certified in treatment of various gynecological disorders and Ayurvedic gynecological procedures. Trained in trauma care and emergency health care. Currently heading the Department of Lifestyle diseases and gynecology at Akami Ayurveda, Angamaly. A proficient therapist specialized in treatments like nasya, vasti, vamana etc..

Name: Dr K R Renjith, BAM (Ay)

Qualification: BAM, Rajiv Gandhi University.

Experience: Specialist in treatments such as Panchakarma, Shalya Karma and Kaumarabruthya. Comes from years of experience as Medical Officer in various prestigious Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala.