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Tips To Energize and Boost Immunity

Mar 26, 2018 counter

Immunity is a state of not being prone to infections. An excellent immune body can differentiate from foreign substance from self, and eliminate from the body. Our ancient science of health known as Ayurveda(life–knowledge) has defined immunity as “forgiveness of disease”(vyadhikshamatva).  Ayurveda is a holistic science which emphases on the well-being of body(sharira), mind (manas),and soul(atma). This health tri-pod has to be balanced to have a good immunity system and sound health.

The three doshasVata, Pitta, and Kapha should be tackled to stay healthy. We have come up with some tips to boost your immunity and to maintain proper energy levels in your body.

Eat right

Our diet plays a significant role in strengthening us from inside. Eat what your body needs and avoid unhealthy and junk food which adds to unnecessary calories. A healthy digestive system can aid good health. The Agni or fire in the digestive system can help to digest, assimilate food and eliminate toxins from the body. The Agni rules all the transformative processes in the body. Consume immunity booster foods like Garlic, amla, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, ginger root, seasonal fruits, vegetables, etc. Eat simple and easily digestible satvik food which promotes hunger naturally. Avoid processed food, sweets, redmeat, etc. Maintain regular intervals between meals.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise regulates blood circulation and promotes natural Agni in the digestive system. Ayurveda has identified the kind of activity needed depending on Prakruti (body constitution) and Vikruti (current state of being).  If you have Vatadosha, practice light exercises, in case of Pitta dosha practice moderate activities. If you have Kaphadosha, then exercise vigorously. Pranayama, a breathing technique will help you to calm your mind. It also helps to cure many respiratory problems. Practicing yoga also helps to maintain a healthy body. Yoga formulated various asanas for the benefit of many organs and limbs.

Stress Management

The modern lifestyles and careers add to a lot of stress in our daily life. The stress is the cause of many health issues. Emotional imbalance, digestive and nervous disorders are the result of stress. Meditation will help you to regain back your mental balance.

Detox yourself

Detoxification is the process of throwing out all the toxins in our body. When the Agni levels are not balanced, the undigested food gets converted into ama(stored toxins). The ama formation prevents the nutrients from reaching our blood and tissues, thus weakening the immune system. Detoxify yourself regularly to eliminate these toxins from the body.You can detoxify your body by fasting or taking liquid diet, fruits, etc.

You should also detoxify your mind by eliminating the negative thoughts in your mind(kama, krodha, asuya, lobha, etc). Mediation and pranayama will help to regain back your mental balance.

Have a good night sleep

A good tight sleep for 7-9 hours is ideal for any person. Your body rejuvenates and detoxifies during sleep. Plan your dinner atleast 2 hours before you go to bed. Your body detoxifies, while you go for a goodnight sleep. Your brain flushes out all the toxins and by-products of these toxins. Your blood pressure is regulated. You will start breathing steadily, which will aid in a healthy heart. You pump your growth hormones during sleep. Growing is not just regarding height, but healing, soothing, etc. Those who sleep less are cutting down on their life-span. You tend to gain weight if you sleep for less number of hours as you are not giving sufficient time for your body to relax and burn calories.


Hope you got some good reasons and tips to increase your immunity and increase your energy levels.