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Health benefits of Punarnava

July 30, 2018 counter

As the name indicates, ‘Punarnava’ literally means which renews the body and brings back the missing vigour and vitality. It is a brilliant herb which acts as a cardiac and renal tonic. Punarnava is rich in Potassium nitrate which makes it an excellent diuretic. Thus it has an important role in the treatment of disorders related to urinary system. 

Health benefits of Punarnava:

  • Punarnava serves as diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti- ageing
  • It has anti-toxic and anti-bacterial properties
  • It helps to reduce inflammation and hence very effective in arthritis
  • It has immense power of detoxification, thus helps to rejuvenate and revitalize liver
  • Its carminative property helps to increase the appetite and relieves constipation
  • Since it is a natural diuretic, it is immensely used in the treatment of Urinary tract infections and other renal diseases like calculi, nephritis etc.
  • It helps to rejuvenate the male reproductive system. It can increase libido and quantity & quality of semen
  • It helps to reduce high uric acid levels in blood by increasing uric acid secretion through the kidneys
  • It helps to rejuvenate the body and regain the lost vitality
  • It also helps to increase the immunity and resistance to diseases naturally 

Medicinal uses of Punarnava:

  • The whole plant of Punarnava made into paste and 3-6 g of this medicine, if taken internally will reduce inflammation and toxicity
  • The leaves of Punarnava, when cooked and used as a side dish along with the meals help to reduce inflammation, pain, relieves constipation and promotes urination 
  • 15 ml juice of the whole plant of Punarnava when taken in the morning will help to reduce the puffiness around the eyes related with renal disorders
  • Undernourishment.
  • Juice of Punarnava and Vacha (Acorus calamus) mixed with honey when taken internally helps to reduce cough and expectoration
  • Milk decoction prepared with Punarnava can be used to treat the giddiness, fatigue and disorientation associated with chronic alcoholism