Admission Process (New Patients)

Step One: Advice for admission from our Medical Team

  1. Write to with all medical details
  2. Get an appointment for online consultation (link)
  3. Speak to one of our doctors

Step Two: Admission confirmation

  1. Write to marking a copy to
  2. Speak to your Senior Medical Officer-in-charge and General Manager – Administration (9188524162 /0484 288 2822)

Prepare for the stay in AKAMI

Please keep these in mind while you prepare for your stay for an Ayurveda cure:

  • Residential Treatment: you will be staying indoors during the entire course of the treatment. You can leave the campus if permitted by the doctor and at a time and for a duration specified by them.
  • Diet: as part of the treatment you will be put on a simple and healthy vegetarian diet that will be very bland. The ingredients, the way and the proportion in which they are combined and their processing will be different from the conventional practices. This diet practice is purely for medical reasons and is essential to optimize the treatment outcome. Some patients may feel difficulty in coping with such a strict regimen. We suggest you slowly start changing your diet to a healthy vegetarian one and start reducing sweet, salt, sour and hot taste dependence, from now on. This will help you tremendously to adapt to the diet in the hospital here. Please also try quitting white sugar, tea/coffee, white rice,
  • How a typical day will be?
    • Medicine supply: medicines prescribed for you will be mixed and supplied in your room at the specified timings (the general medicine timings are: 6 am on empty stomach, before breakfast, after breakfast, at 11 am, before lunch, with lunch, after lunch, at 3 pm, at 6 pm, before dinner, during dinner, after dinner, at bedtime, frequently, etc)
    • Food: food as per the advice will be served in the room
      • 6.30 am Herbal tea/coffee(normal tea/coffee in exceptional cases)
      • 7.30 am – 08.30 am Breakfast
      • 10.15 am – 10. 30 am Boiled buttermilk/Soup/Tender Coconut
      • 12.30 pm – 01.00 pm Lunch
      • 3.30 pm – 04.00 pm Herbal tea/coffee(normal tea/coffee in exceptional cases)
      • 7.30 pm – 08.00 pm Dinner
    • Treatments: one treatment a day (more as per doctor’s decision) on any of these five slots
      • 7.00 am
      • 8.45 am
      • 10.30 am
      • 3.00 pm
      • 4.45 pm
    • Connectivity: Since our Hospital is located in a valley surrounded by a hilly terrain studded with rubber plantations, BSNL, Airtel, Vi  mobile, networks are the ones that work here with occasional hitches. Other networks have either poor or no connectivity. A wifi facility is available on the campus.
    • Things to carry:
      • Documents and medical records
      • Medicines that are regularly taken and their prescription
      • Clothes – casual, decent, and comfortable clothes. Please keep in mind that you will be staying indoors almost all the days and you will have different external treatments that can stain or make the clothes smell differently. , books, sandals, music, etc. A laundry facility is available and used clothes could be washed, pressed, and returned in two day’s time.
      • Books – for light reading
      • Important notice: after discharge, you will be asked to carry medicines for 1 – 3 months of use at home. The weight of the medicines for 3 months will be between 7 and 14 kilograms. Please plan your luggage and take the baggage limits of your carrier into consideration.
    • Travel advice:
      • Visa type: foreign patients are requested to take a medical visa for the trip for Ayurveda treatment. This is essential in case of insurance coverage or in medical emergencies. The place is connected by air (Nearest airport – Kochi International Airport – 20 km)/rail (Nearest railway station – Angamali for Kalady railway station – 15 km) /road and pick-up arrangements will be made if requested in advance.
  • Facilities for a companion: an additional bed is available in all rooms for the companion. In case the patient requires one more additional bed or mattress it is provided at extra cost. The patient’s attendant or companion can avail of normal vegetarian food from the canteen. Yoga, local sightseeing trips, etc could be arranged as per the request, and if permitted by the Medical Officers.

Please feel free to contact us to know more about the facilities and functions.

Preparing for the healing process

Please keep these in mind while  undertaking a healing process:

  • Please be informed well about the treatments, medicines, diet, and regimen. It is your right and enabling that is the physician’s responsibility.
  • Please understand that all these decisions are made for your well-being and accept them wholeheartedly.
  • Please be assured that any difficulty you experience will be addressed effectively.
  • Please adhere to the advice, without compromise, once you understand them clearly.
  • Please communicate to the physician any change you notice in your physical condition during the course of treatment. Treatments will be avoided during menstrual periods or if the person has conditions not suitable for external treatments, like fever, indigestion, etc.
  • Please use only warm water (for drinking, bathing, etc)
  • Please venture out of the building only with the doctor’s permission
  • Please rest immediately after the treatment.
  • Please avoid:
    • Day sleep
    • Keeping awake at night,
    • Strenuous works
    • Exposure to direct strong breeze from the fan, exposure to sunlight, cold weather, and wind
    • Using raised or very low pillows
    • Smoking, alcohol, non-vegetarian, and snacks consumption
    • Extreme emotional situations and excess thinking and talking
    • Bathing other than what is received after the treatment
    • Over usage of computers and smartphones etc.
    • Please avoid controlling physical urges like that to pass urine, motion, etc.