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Kerala has been the cradle of Ayurveda since time immemorial. Traditional vaidyar families used to carry forward this glorious tradition. Keralahas equatorial climate throughout the year which is ideally suited for such type of natural treatment. Not to mention the lush green vegetation and clean fresh airthat is available in abundance. As a result of all these factors, this science has been practiced for centuries by physicians in its most truest and purest form.
According to Scientific Ayurveda, everything ever mentioned in Ayurvedic treatises has a thoroughly documented scientific proof based on wisdom, keen sense of observations and response of herbs on animals and also on human beings. The documentation was done on ancient scripts that we read it till today. It underlines the idea that Ayurveda is not only anancient wisdom but a proper science that has been come about as a result of proper scientific derivations, deliberations and understanding by expert scholars and practitioners of the science.
For patients arriving in the morning, the treatment shall commence the same day itself after the consultation with the physician. In case they arrive in the evening,the treatments and therapies will begin the next day.
Yes, loose comfortable clothing would be the most suited during the stay.
Patient can go outdoors after intimating the doctor provided such a visit won’t affect the treatment. There are certain therapies in Panchakarma person is advise do stay indoors as doing thatwouldsuithis/her healing and treatment the best. Should the patient want to go outside, withdue permission, we can avail for taxi service.
The treatment duration depends upon the chronicity of the problem, age of the patient and therapy protocol planned by the treating doctor. Usually the therapies last for 7, 14, 21, 28, 30 or 40 days depending upon the complexity of the treatment. Depending upon the needs and demands of the patients we can arrange for customized treatment programs as well.
We will not recommend the stoppage of any medicine or treatment procedurethe patient is already undergoingat the time ofhis/her stay in our facility. In case of a need to reduce the dosage, the patient can seek an opinion from his / her physician or if required, we can even avail the serviceof allopathic doctors in the city.
Any Ayurveda medical procedure prescribed by our Ayurveda doctor in order to beadministeredby our trained therapists under whoseguidance the patient will eventually gain relief fromhisproblem is known as Therapy.Hence a typicaltherapy consists of a collection of authentic Ayurvedic procedures such as physical oil massages, bundle massages, medicated enemas, nasal insufflation and so forth.
We offer Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Counselling sessions etc as rehabilitation methods for our patients.
In normal circumstances we have devised2 therapies per person per day
To route out toxins and diseases out of the body, Ayurveda prophesizes a very specialized therapeutic procedure – PANCHAKARMA. As a part of "SodhanaChikitsa" or detoxification therapy, Panchakarma pertains to the five fold treatment procedures administered to a person as a remedy against various ailments and also in order to evacuate toxins out of the body. The three stages of Panchakarma are Poorva Karma, Pradhana Karma and Paschata Karma Snahaha Karma and Swedana Karma are stages of Poorva Karma Vamanam, Virechanam, Vasthi, Nasyam and Raktamokshanaare stages of Pradhana Karma During Paschata Karma, the restoration of the metabolism into its normal course is done through a carefully designed diet and lifestyle program.
For better range of movements & strengthening exercises, we do prescribe physiotherapy.
Ayurveda is much safer in administration for our patients as all the herbs are natural. There have been no untoward incidents noted by our physicians.
Diet is an essential part in healing process. Ayurveda prophesizes that during the healing process, the food should be easy to digest, should not intervene in the treatment process. Thus, we provide healthy & nutritious vegetarian menu to our patients. This diet shall be prescribed by the treating physician as well.
For any autoimmune/other diseases, as and when it is diagnosed by our senior doctors, with their consent, we normally start with the treatments. In fact, Ayurveda has excellent results in auto-immune problems like Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, spondylitis etc.
Our treatments don’t claim to cure any auto-immune diseases. We certainly do help in detoxification of the whole body, thus resulting in lowering the intensity of the problem.
Yes, all our floors have lift facility and wheelchair friendly rooms.
We provide free Wi-Fi, 24 hrs room service, hot shower, doctor on call, currency exchange etc
All our rooms are air conditioned. If need be, people can request for disconnection of the Air conditioner.
All our rooms are serviced daily using linen and towels. Our therapy rooms are cleanedafter every treatment.
At present we offer a comfortable stay of 3 star standards. We make sure to maintain a calm and traditional ambience in the hospital that would supplement the healing process effectively.
The Kochi International airport is less than 10 kms away from the hospital. Angamaly railway station and bus station are also located very close to ourfacility.
At present we don’t have a certification from the Govt. of India / NABH.
Service of doctors are available 24X7.
Yes, we are. Both patients and their relatives can opt for Yoga sessions.
Our team of doctors are stalwarts in their respectivespecialties. With over 20 years of experience under each of their belts, they are experienced and very senior physicians. The therapists are experienced in imparting Authentic Ayurveda therapies. They are shortlisted and trained by our team before allocation of therapies to our patients.
Our doctors could speak English, Malayalam & Hindi. Our PRO can also speak Arabic for our Arab patients.
Usually our treatments cost between Rs.1500 and2000 per treatment session.
Yes, we request 20% of the total package cost in advance.
We allow 1 bystander with the patient with no additional charges for stay. The food and other therapies (if availed) by the bystander shall be charged extra.
At present since we are not NABH accredited, Mediclaim / insurance claims could not be accepted.
We can facilitate lockers if requested by the patient.
We provide complimentary high speed internet to our patients.